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I had been around but I was very active on Tumblr. Heh, I was on Tumblr for Assassin’s Creed now I am there for Final Fantasy XV. FFXV made an emotional mess out of me. I’ve played the game until the end and I cried at so many scenes. I’ve played all the current DLCs and two made me cry buckets.

Anyway, I am back but not for good because WordPress requires a strong Internet connection, which I cannot get in the day and on a regular basis.

Anyway, I was away for 3/4 of December. I was in London for a week, 3 days in Athens, 3 days in Paris and a whole week in Kuala Lumpur.

When we were in London, my sisters and I made a last minute decision to watch Wicked and I absolutely love it! It was beautiful and I did not expect the ending of the musical! But my sisters and niece went to watch Hamilton, which I regretted not following because when they did the booking, I was not into the musical.

Anyway, this post has something to do with a Hamilton song called Right Hand Man. Today was Athena’s first day of school after her year-end break and we were listening to Hamilton on the way to school. One part of the song went ‘boom’ and I told her that if we were at the airport, that song could get us into trouble and she agreed with me because it is a highly sensitive word to use in the airport.

This brings me to another story which pissed me off when my family and I were queueing up at the Immigration of Heathrow airport. A MALAYSIAN MAN, yes, I am shaming a fellow Malaysian and HE FUCKING deserves this shame because he was being a dumbass. Every now and then, an announcement will be made. “For security reasons, baggage left unattended will be removed and destroyed.”

And this fucking idiot, he turned to his hijabi colleague/wife/girlfriend/fiance/whatever and laughed, “Will be removed and destroyed. Boom!”

There I was in line, tired from the (almost) 13 hours flight, and I was quite grumpy. When he said that, he was standing in line on my right. I turned to him and said, “Wow, that was such a dumbass thing to say!” And my sister, who heard as well, said, “That is how the stupid get caught for the stupidest reasons. Then they blame the authority!” I didn’t care if he totally understood us or not but I could tell he was embarrassed when my sister said what she said. He kept quiet the whole time we were in line.

That’s the thing with people. They look at Facebook, they look at the Internet but they look at the fanatical things they like, they look at the stupid things they like. When it comes to vital information about what to do and what not to do, they choose to ignore. I shall stop here about an idiotic Malaysian man at Heathrow airport.

Let me admit one thing about me. I have always been a tomboy. I don’t wear makeup and I don’t care for bags. This trip, I went on a girly rampage. I got myself 4 lipsticks (3 were from Sephora Paris along Champs-Élysées and 1 from Heathrow Terminal 4). Also, I got myself 3 bags (one from La Vallée Village Coach (surprise!) and two from Oxford Street Primark, London). Oh, and 3 pairs of girly shoes (one from Clarks and two from Primark)!

Someone needs to start somewhere, right?

I prefer shopping in England because they’d definitely have my size. In Malaysia, clothes and shoes are designed for skinny girls unless you go to a Marks and Spencers, where they will definitely have sizes but those sizes go quickly as well.

I think I should stop before the Internet connection gets clogged up, like usual. If I have time, or thoughts, I will blog. Or, find me in Tumblr but let me warn you. I reblog a lot of Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy XV stuff.

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A Somber First Entry

I did not want to update this blog like this for the year but Sarawakians mourn the loss of a beloved leader.

Tok Nan became Chief Minister of Sarawak in 2014, replacing Tun Taib.

He was a man who fought for the state and he was very well known amongst Sarawakian for his witty and humorous speeches. I have known this man for a long time because he was active with the Scouts and because he is my uncle.

He had been unwell for quite some time now and he had known he won’t finish his term as CM. But he had achieved so much some had failed to achieve.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un

Now, you are at a better place. Now, you are in a place where you feel no pain. I hope you are at peace there, Uncle Adenan. Thank you for the glory you left onto Sarawak and you will be missed.

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I have not been blogging but I have been super active on my Tumblr. Anyway, I know, I did not blog at all in November. November was uneventful, to be honest.

I was recovering from the minor break down I was suffering in October. Not many people knew that I was at my lowest that month. But at the end, I got out of it, alive and I thank God for letting me live another day to see what I can do despite wanting to give up. October was the worse month for me. I hated every minute of October many thanks to some people who were petty. Many thanks to the demands of people who think I could perform miracles. Despite performing those miracles, I still feel unappreciated but screw it.

After a shitty month and a placid recovery month, I am in Kuala Lumpur for work. To me, despite the shit I went through, yesterday was the silver lining (and I am keeping my fingers crossed).

That is all the update I have from me at the moment. I don’t think I have anything else to talk about. Or share, for that matter.

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“Sayang Anak”, Hot Dogs and Other Things

Sayang anak. In the Malay language that means, “Loving one’s own child.”

When you are on the road, you see a lot of things. Things you like and things you don’t like. But, to be quite honest, I hate seeing parents driving with their child on their lap. When you tell them, “Eh, it is dangerous to do that! Why do you drive with your child on your lap?” They turn around and tell you, “Because I love my child.”

Yeah right, if that one dies, you can easily make some more, right? 

Hello! Imagine if you have to make an emergency brake. That’s your child you are going to crush against the steering wheel. Did not think about that, eh? Oh wait, our people tend to have this It-Happens-To-Others-But-It-Won’t-Happen-To-Me mentality. I really don’t like it. Yes, you love your child but you did not think of that now, didn’t you?

There, I am done ranting about this. I might have some people on my tail for posting this honest blog entry. Turns out, the world does not appreciate you for being brutally honest with your own choice of words. We’ve become so petty, then there are some people who bring in religious preaching to advise. I wish our people were more open-minded.

This brings me to another absurd topic that is making the headlines in Malaysia.


Yeap, hot dogs. Now, there are some people getting confused. They are claiming that hot dogs are not halal because of the word, DOG. I mean, seriously? There is no worse name for food like Kuih Tahi Itik (Duck Shit Cake). Hm. Makes me wonder about the mental state of people.

To be honest, where I live, we call just the sausage as hot dog. When my sister was young, my paternal grandmother was still alive and my sister went up to my grandmother and said, “Mak Nek, kamek mok makan asuk panas” (Grandma, I want to eat a hot dog). The reaction of the old lady – according to my Mum, was calm but she was baffled with what my sister meant. So, when they explained to the old lady that my sister wanted a hot dog, she laughed.

Why can’t the current generation be like how the older generation? Nowadays, everything is made into a controversy. Also… Nowadays, people are so petty. You criticise them, use harsh words but stating out the truth, they become hurt. Not going to go further into that. I am just amazed that there are people out there who claims to try to follow every teaching of a religion but they don’t follow one thing; endurance or sabar.

Right now, I think that it is time to start telling lies about people, whom I don’t know. If they suck, tell them that they are actually good so they will continue to suck. If they are truly good, compliments will be truthful.

Why? We only want to hear the good things about ourselves. So, good day to you.

TIME: 1421 hours

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The Case of the Missing Instant Noodle Seasoning

So, I was having breakfast in the pantry with Kak Yam and Bang Lat. Today’s breakfast for me was instant Teh Tarik (pulled tea), Coco Pops and a kiwi fruit. Kak Yam ate fried noodles and egg which she bought before going to the office.

As for Bang Lat, he’d normally eat the instant noodles we keep in the pantry. So, he did what he had to do, pour hot water into his bowl, break the noodles and put it into the microwave. When he took the bowl out from the microwave, he asked me if I saw the seasoning and I honestly saw it on the table! He then told me that it was not on the table. At first, I thought it was Laila who took it but she seemed clueless as well.

We checked everywhere. From the pantry, to the sink area, to Bang Lat’s table. We’ve even told him to check his pockets. None. So, Kak Yam said to open a new pack to take the seasoning from there instead.

I know the office can be a bit eerie but it was hilarious!

Later, when you don’t need it, it will appear.

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Why I Support The Paralympics

Somebody questioned me about my support for the Paralympics. Why wasn’t I that noisy on Facebook about the Olympics. 
My respond? The Olympics were participated by people our people made heroes out of. And they’re are able bodied people. 
These Paralympians? I admire them because they are disabled and yet, they can achieve what they achieve now. And even better than our national Olympians. 
One of my colleagues, who is the company’s security guard is a disabled athlete. He was involved in an accident and his left arm became “dead” but he is good at football and badminton. He has represented my state and brought home medals. 
What makes me super proud of the recent events is, though, it is an international event and even with THREE GOLDS, that’s something by Malaysian standards. They achieved something even Pandelela or Lee Chong Wei couldn’t achieve. They achieved something by lacking something but they still win at the end. 
I am thankful to our Sports Minister, KJ, though. He insists that Paralympians bringing home medals are to be treated the same as those Olympians who brought home medals for Malaysia. 
Yet. Honestly,it is not the medals they bring home. To me, it is they fought a battle not everybody can win but they won while being “crippled”. 

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Trying This Out

Well now, I know I have not been blogging in a while.
I have been pretty busy.

So, I will TRY to update every now and then.

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Running For St Mary’s School

Ecce Ancilla Domini (Behold the Handmaid of the Lord): That is St Mary’s Secondary School’s motto. St Mary’s is an all-girls mission school run by the St Thomas Cathedral. (FYI, I went to St Thomas for STPM; pre-U)

You know how they say that the worse time of your life is when you are in high school? Well, I agree. I HATED about 80% of my time in St Mary’s although I do have some good memories there. To think, I was actually pretty active in sports and the choir. I’ve even joined the choir when we represented the state in a choir competition in Penang.

Anyway, let me tell you my complaints.

YESTERDAY, I went to collect my race pack at the school and I was informed that the route was changed. According to the person who was there, DBKU changed the route because they did not want to clash with other activities around the area since it was in the city centre. Today, I heard a different story, DBKU changed it because it was less than 5 km. HELLO? Why did you not think about it when St Mary’s approached you? This morning, a lot of runners were questioning things like, “The route was changed, how?” And my answer was pretty simple, “I will remain either in the middle or at the back. So where people go, I follow.” My seniors agreed with what I said and we laughed it off. If the people in front get lost, we get lost along with them!

Another thing that made me facepalm was, the tee shirts given to the runners. Come on, you are organising a run, provide DRI-FIT shirts for your runners and cotton for your committee members! Do you actually think that getting sweat while wearing a cotton tee shirt is nice? I got home drenched, to be honest. Even if you were sponsored by people, I know that dri-fits can be costly but I know it can be as cheap as RM13 per tee shirt if you buy and print in bulks!

THEN, there are the organisers. Oh my God. It was really really really really disorganised. One minute, they announced that students (3 km category) were to be flagged off first. Another minute, 5 km ladies were to be flagged off before the students. Finally, they decide to let the 5 km ladies category to go off first. Then the 3 km category and lastly, the men. Well, I have joined so many runs and I know that if you have two categories like 3 km and 5 km. You let the 5 km category go first, regardless their gender. Then you let the 3 km runners go, either 15 minutes to 30 minutes after the 5 km category flag off.

AND… NORMALLY, you distribute bananas BEFORE the run, they distributed AFTER the run… Finally… ZUMBA WARM UPS… You are supposed to WARM UP before the run but nope, their Zumba was AFTER the run.

However, YOURS TRULY made a mistake as well. I did not warm up before I ran. I did not stretch at all before the run. So, what happened? I suffered at 2.5 km onwards. The worse thing to happen to me was when there was a sharp pain at the sole of my feet. To top that, there was also a sharp pain at the right side of my abdomen. I wanted to hop into the St John’s Ambulance van but I knew I had to continue pushing myself. I stopped for a bit, pressed my abdomen and the sole of my feet then continued. After the run, again, I did not stretch because I was enjoying my banana and my body was already sore and it is sore right now. Plus, I have a headache from the lack of sleep.

Overall? I enjoyed the run despite the pain and despite the organisers being unorganised. THE HIGHLIGHT FOR ME? That motorcyclist on a blue Triumph Tiger!


Anyway. Here are some pictures. Brain hurts and I am afraid I won’t be making much sense in a while (as it is, I don’t think I am making any sense now). Luckily, I did not decide to join that public speaking workshop.


My school’s admin office entrance


What I got today


Yeah. You judge.


Violet (my ex-classmate) and I.

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Too Small For Comfort

Yesterday, I went for a conference at Pullman Hotel, Kuching and guess what?

The world is getting smaller and smaller. At least, Kuching is. Kuching is getting too small. It is quite hard being a glamorous person. *guffaws*

Anyway, in this conference, Dolly, the person in charge with Yellow Bean (the training provider), her mother was there and she spoke of Aunty Mimi. Apparently, she was working at the St. Thomas Kindergarten. And she knew about the Mini Picasso in me.


But it was all good.

Once the conference is over, I will blog about it though, I did not take many pictures :\

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The 3-Week Journey

May is over and it was hectic but it was an experience. It all started in the middle of May when Juliana and I flew out of Kuching to go to Miri.


The reason why we went on holiday was to spend time with Serena (though I was a surprise for Serena)


Kuching to Miri (16.5.16 – 18.5.16)

By flight, it takes only an hour to get from Kuching to Miri. That night, Jul and I went by AirAsia. If we had driven up, it would have taken us 12 hours (more or less).

The furthest I have driven was from Kuching to Bintulu and that took me about 7 hours because I maintained a speed of 110 km throughout the journey (when the road was clear).




Kuching to Kuala Lumpur (22.5.16 – 26.5.16)


I went to Kuala Lumpur just 3 days after my Miri trip for a company event in Morib. When I got to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Khairul was there waiting for me to bring me to the office because he had arranged for another colleague of ours to bring me up to Morib.



The journey from KLIA to DNC KL Office 


The journey from the airport to the office did not take us 31 minutes. I was shocked when I saw the Petronas petrol station. It felt like a 15-minute drive from the KLIA but when we got to the office, my boss told him he should have brought me up to Morib right after picking me up from the airport because our CEO was to arrive in KL from Singapore at 4.30 pm.



The journey from the KL Office to Gold Coast Morib International Resort


So, Khairul was the one who drove me to Morib where my Kuching colleagues were already waiting for me. I told Khairul, if I were to drive from the airport to the office, it would had not been a problem because I know the road so well already but to drive from the office to the resort, I would have gotten lost. The reason why we went to the resort was to attend a Demak Dealers’ Award.

After that event, the next day, I followed my General Manager back to the office from Morib because Khairul could not drive me as he was driving our CEO but Khairul took over but I asked if he could stop by Suria KLCC because I wanted to go to Kinokuniya to look for a book and M&S to get myself a pair of lounge pants (which I bought two instead of one).


Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 09.48.16.png

The journey from the KL Office to KLCC


But I got to Kinokuniya to find the book NO LONGER THERE… Then, it was 22 minutes journey from KLCC back home to Mont Kiara. Unlike my colleagues, I stayed on in Kuala Lumpur to attend an Emcee and Moderating Workshop in Bangsar South, just 10 minutes away from home.




Kuching to Singapore (30.5.16 – 3.6.15)


Please refer previous blog entry (Les Misérables) to know what I did in Singapore.

And, we went to the Jurong Bird Park as well and spent so much time in the Underpass. It was wonderful there. I would go back for the Underpass. A lot of things to see there.

So, since Monday is the start of the fasting month, I seriously hope I won’t be travelling to West Malaysia. However, I hope the next time I get onto a plane, it will be in July when I head out to London for my sister’s graduation in Stoke. The time in between, it better not be for work. I want to stay in Kuching for the month, I need to collect money for London and if I am not mistaken, my Mum said about going again in December.

Oh well. I love London enough to say yes to a trip to London but this time, I won’t look at London the same way again, not after playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Hahaa!


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