Big, Not Blonde and Beautiful

Saturday this article was set loose in the cyberworld: No Benefit In Being Fat by Tee Lin Say.


When I read it yesterday when a friend (thank you Poh Lynn) sent the scanned link to me, I kinda laughed it off but I was angry at the same time. I thought of blogging about what she had said but just didn’t have the time as it was almost time for me to break fast and I was just plain lazy after that until I read this really awesome blog entry, Let Tee Lin Say Teaches You To Crush A Girl.

However, this is my entry and my say about the whole Tee Lin Say thing. Before I actually go on, let me declare that, Miss Tee is actually a journalist and a bad one at it, too. A journalist, should not be putting people down the way she did and I blame The Star as well for allowing such evil write up to be published. Even if it is for your feng shui, face shui whatever.

Wait, isn’t feng shui about doing something for good? Why is this article so evil? So, discriminatory? So… CRUDE?

So, representing all PLUS SIZE GIRLS, I would like to dedicate this entry to you and the likes of you.

You obviously do not appreciate this really awesome movie called Hairspray. You should go check it out but let me share with you two lyrics (one of which is from Hairspray)

  1. Big Blonde and Beautiful (Queen Latifah)

    Bring on that pecan pie!
    Pour some sugar
    On it sugar
    Don’t be shy.Scoop me up
    A mess of that
    Chocolate swirl.
    Don’t be stingy
    I’m a growing girl

    I offer 
    Big love
    With no apology.
    How can I deny the world 
    The most of me?

    I am not afraid to throw my weight around
    Pound by pound by pound

    Because I’m 
    Big, blond & beautiful
    Face the fact
    It’s simply irrefutable!
    No one wants a meal
    That only offers the least
    When girl, we’re serving up 
    The whole damn feast

    Slice me off a piece of that
    hog head cheese! 
    Take a look inside
    My book of recipes 
    Now don’t you sniff around 
    For something fluffy and light.
    We need a man who 
    Bring a man sized appetite!

    I use a 
    Pinch of sugar 
    And a dash of spice!
    I’ll let you lick the spoon
    Because it tastes so nice!

    We’ll keep in the oven 
    Till it’s good and hot
    Keep on stirring 
    Till you hit the spot!

    Because I’m 
    Big, blond, & beautiful 
    There is nothing ’bout us 
    that’s unsuitable

    Why sit in the bleachers 
    Timid and afraid
    When Edna 
    You look like the whole parade

    They say that white has might 
    And thin is in 
    Well, that’s just bull
    ‘Cause ladies big is back
    And as for black
    It’s beautiful!

    All shapes and sizes 
    Follow me!
    Who wants a twig
    When you can climb a whole tree?

    Yeah, Yeah
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

    Groovy baby Groovy!


  2. Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen)

    Are you gonna take me home tonight
    Oh down beside that red firelight
    Are you gonna let it all hang out
    Fat bottomed girls
    You make the rockin’ world go roundHey
    I was just a skinny lad
    Never knew no good from bad
    But I knew life before I left my nursery
    Left alone with big fat Fanny
    She was such a naughty nanny
    Heap big woman, you made a bad boy out of me
    Hey hey!

    I’ve been singing with my band
    Across the wire, across the land
    I seen every blue eyed floozy on the way
    But their beauty and their style
    Went kind of smooth after a while
    Take me to them dirty ladies every time

    Oh won’t you take me home tonight?
    Oh down beside your red firelight
    Oh and you give it all you got
    Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round
    Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round

    Hey listen here
    Now I got mortgages on homes
    I got stiffness in the bones
    Ain’t no beauty queens in this locality, I tell you
    Oh but I still get my pleasure
    Still got my greatest treasure
    Heap big woman, you gonna make a big man out of me
    Now get this

    Are you gonna take me home tonight, please
    Oh down beside that red firelight
    Are you gonna let it all hang out
    Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round, yeah
    Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round
    Get on your bikes and ride

    Ooh yeah them fat bottomed girls
    Fat bottomed girls
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Fat bottomed girls
    Yes yes

So, do you still claim that men run at the sight of us, Miss Tee? I asked a few of my male friends if they would rather have a fat girlfriend or a stick thin girlfriend. And most of them want the chubbiness of the Lorenzo these girls carry.

You obviously, being ignorant, have not seen this Malaysian film called BULI. You should because that is what you are, a bully. Your character would be the character Hans Isaac played as, a Bully. Prior to that, despite your ignorant journalist eyes, you obviously had not read about how Mayra Rosales of Texas’ weight had prove of her innocence when she was convicted of murdering her nephew. She was innocent, though. And how much was her weight at the time? 470 kg.

For a journalist, you choose to see what you want to see and you expect people to see what you want to see and by doing that, you offend them. I may not obviously look fat, but I am a UK size 16-18 for crying out loud. I am short and my weight it beyond 80 kg but I am healthy. I don’t fall sick as easily. My sister, who is in her 30s is also fat and short but her husband, did not tell her to lose a few kilos before getting married. They got married out of love. NOT WEIGHT! And she is happy and she is working, and very good at what she does.

So, who are you to claim that we are not able to work properly or attractive?

Speaking of being attractive, it makes me wonder if you studied World History in school/college/university. In the 17th century, fat women were considered attractive and wealthy. They were made into statues and were painted!

Look, Miss Tee, I know you mean well about being fat means about having all sorts of obstacles and what not but you did not have to write it in a crude manner. You did not have to write it to make us feel like we are beasts, no human beings. We are human, probably more human than you. You write as if we do not deserve to live.  You write as if, only sticks like you have place in the world.

So, what you’re trying to say is that people like Queen Latifah, Oprah Winfrey and Winston Churchill are not successful? So, if they were not, why was Churchill a Prime Minister and you are not? Wait, I exaggerated… Why does Oprah have her own TV show and you don’t? Get my point? Before you degrade someone for being fat just because you are nice and slim, did it ever occur to you to Google; “Famous Fat People” first rather than blindly write your bloody crude article.

You call yourself a journalist? PFUIT!

We fat people have not judged thin people the way you judged us. Some fat people are fat because of thyroid. Some of us are just fat because we like to eat. Then why do you condemn all fat people? Not all of them want to be fat and happy. Not all of them have reasonably high metabolism. Hell, I am glad I am fat because I am happy and I love myself. I love me! I am thankful I am still alive and breathing and healthy! Why should I look anorexic to be happy? I do not want to be mistaken as a druggie.

Woman, look, it is one thing to be healthy thin and it is another to be attractive thin, but you are neither because your degrading mind is not healthy at all and you, honestly, do not look as attractive (my Mum had always taught my sisters and I, no matter how pretty you are, if you are going to be mean to people, you are not pretty after all!).

Honestly, sometimes, I wish I was thin so I can wear all those pretty dresses catered for skinny sticks like you but thank God for Marks and Spencers’, Ms. Read, Flow and even Dorothy Perkins. The downside, it is costly and some places make clothes look like they are catered for elderly woman. Heck, being a size UK 16-18, going to the UK, I feel incredibly small. I feel puny. And you consider us looking like pigs, pandas and elephants. Have you been to the UK? Have you seen how huge women there are? You will feel like a tiny mouse being hunted by cats, I tell you. Heck, even I felt small there!

So, dear Miss Tee, before you write something, think twice about how you want to deliver your article and do your research. Don’t just write out of feelings. You are a journalist and you are supposed to be non-biased. Your article had hurt a lot of people’s feelings. So before I end this entry; I have these to say:

When we lose twenty pounds…we may be losing the best twenty pounds we have! We may be losing the pounds that contain our genius, our humanity, our love and honesty.” Woody Allen.

Honestly, I am glad I am a plus size because I am huggable and lovable, what do you have? Just hope karma will bitch slap you in future for being a skinny ignorant person.

By Jasima Al-Yahya Posted in rants

4 comments on “Big, Not Blonde and Beautiful

    • personally, it does not matter if you are fat or not. as long as you are happy and healthy. that is more important than anything else 😉 thanks for the support, though, Viviena 🙂

  1. welcome. i’m was big,then i had tyroid. loose loads of weight. people who knows me freaked out. now got my weight back. others never stop commenting. not put on this earth to please others bah!

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